Oom Daan’s B&B

When Team #FinishTime is heading to East London and they are looking for a home-away-from-home environment, we head to Oom Daan’s BnB. Here, there’s none of that impersonal hotel feeling and, in the words of one of our race timers, it’s entirely possible to forget that one isn’t actually at home when staying here.

Comfortable indoor and outdoor dining areas – each with their own unique character – give members of Team #FinishTime ample opportunities to catch up as and when required. The peaceful, relaxed vibes are the perfect antidote to a stressful day of race timing and the friendliness of Oom Daan and his team will keep Team #FinishTime coming back time and time again.

Members of our team were accommodated in comfortable, homely bedrooms in which they enjoyed a good night’s sleep. The garden and outside areas are well-kept and welcoming, adding to that feeling of “coming home” for our team members. When you are looking for accommodation that offers the comfort and convenience of home, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oom Daan’s!

The accommodation at Oom Daan’s is comfortable and homey.

For more information about this awesome little bed and breakfast, you can call them on 043 748 2961 or 083 449 2991.