We Are FinishTime

FinishTime provides the latest in cutting-edge sports timing technology. We use low frequency transponders with our RFID timing systems and disposable UHF timing chips with our ultra-high-frequency timing systems to provide over 300,000 competitors a year with fast and accurate results. Using the very best race timing software we have timed some of the biggest and most prestigious events in the world.

FinishTime and Australian partners RaceTec also recently developed a revolutionary and affordable admin and timing system for event organisers which can run off smarphones and mobile devices. RaceTec Toolkit provides clubs and event administrators with an affordable and easy-to-use system that manages smaller events (up to 250 competitors) via smartphones and mobile devices. It is designed to work seamlessly with FinishTime Passport, the free competitor-orientated app created to make registration safe, secure and efficient. Together, the two apps provide a beginning-to-end system that covers race registration and late entries, timekeeping and results. Read more here.

Our hardware and software enables us to provide live timing and results on demand to organisers and competitors, as well as a variety of optional extras, such as: a fast, safe, simple and secure registration; commentary displays; live screens; live tracking; presentation results on demand; results to web; SMS messaging; online certificates; race bibs and stickers. Added to this is our online registration, social media, videography, press releases, photography and website development services, all of which makes us a one-stop shop for event organisers who are looking to provide a top event for their entrants.

The FinishTime Passport app ensures competitors at events that use the app will have a Safe, Simple and Secure registration process. The app means a paperless registration process so you are Safe and the event is Covid compliant. FinishTime Passport is Simple to use but makes the registration process much quicker, particularly while Covid regulations are in place. The app has been designed to be completely Secure – no data can be transferred to an event until you create a QR code – and the transfer process is handled completely offline so there is no chance of a data hack.

The Passport app can be downloaded from the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Direct download (only for Huawei phones)

The Toolkit app can be downloaded:
Direct download the RaceTec Toolkit.APK (for Huawei)

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FinishTime provides the latest in cutting edge sports timing technology.


FinishTime offers a vast range of services that enhances events for both organisers and competitors. We truly understand the importance of organisers being able to provide entrants with a seamless operation that satisfies their need for accurate information before, during and after an event.

Whether your event has fewer than 100 participants or more than 40,000 entrants, if it lasts for 30 minutes or for more than a week, we can customise a solution to assist you. Talk to us about your online registration needs to increase your business.

For competitors we hope you enjoy our range of services the events provide and make sure you keep up to date on our Facebook page.

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Live Results

Results at FinishTime are computed on a continuous basis, meaning even the most complex and large races can have results available at any time, not only as the leader crosses the line, but even before that, offering live leader-board updates if you have timing splits en-route.

All data can be fed live to a website so that anyone watching from around the world can see results in real time, as the race unfolds. No uploading of files, or clicking of buttons, it just happens. Send SMS messages within moments of someone crossing a timing mat, and track the leaders real-time using GPS.

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