Troutbeck Resort

Just outside Zimbabwe’s breathtaking Rhodes Nyanga National Park, in an area which has been likened to the Scottish highlands, there is a stunning hotel called Troutbeck Resort, at which Team #FinishTime recently spent a weekend while timing a race in the area.

According to our staff, there is much to love about this hotel, and the positive reviews which is has received are well deserved. Being equipped with a stunning garden and a terrace, as well as a bar and restaurant, means that there are plenty of places to spend time, and an outdoor swimming pool awaits those who wish to go for a swim.

The hotel offers 70 country-style standard and deluxe rooms, each equipped with everything needed for a comfortable night’s stay. Every room offers a desk, which is always a blessing to a race-timer with some prep work to do! There’s also air conditioning and a private bathroom, making for a comfortable, relaxing stay.

The rooms at Troutbeck Resort are spacious and luxurious.

The stunning area around Troutbeck Resort would make a perfect holiday spot for anyone who enjoys hiking, and the resort has squash and tennis courts for anyone who feels like challenging a friend, family member or colleague. There’s are also three conference venues at Troutbeck, accommodating up to 350 delegates.