The Merchant @ Lake Umuzi

Heading to Secunda for work, a race or a holiday? If you’re looking for a great place to stay in the area, look no further than The Merchant @ Lake Umuzi. This hotel provides a relaxing ambience to get ready for a race, so if you’re in the area in pursuit of a #FinishTime, The Merchant comes highly recommended. If you’re a Shakespeare buff, you may be interested to know that this hotel was inspired by the well-loved play The Merchant of Venice.

Being part of the Lake Umuzi Waterfront, The Merchant has no shortage of restaurants and things to do nearby. Another interesting fact about this hotel is that the team pride itself on running their hotel the eco-friendly way. Water is heated by a combination of solar power and gas and all air conditioners have been replaced with ones boasting the latest energy-saving technology.

A complimentary full breakfast buffet is on offer, complete with bottomless tea or coffee to get your day off to the best possible start. Lunch packs are also available on request from reception, which can be invaluable – especially if you’re a race timer with an early start. If you’ve got work to do during your stay, you’ll get to make use of the free one gigabyte of storage offered by the hotel.

A comfortable bed and a spacious desk – everything you need for a work trip.

The rooms at The Merchant Hotel are spacious and boast big workspaces that make working remotely a pleasure. The hotel is a great place from which to explore everything that Lake Umuzi has to offer. It is often affectionately referred to as “An Oasis amid Industry” and it has lots to offer, from accommodation and restaurants to conference centres, family entertainment and the beauty of the lake.