Nov 2020: Fast, safe, simple and secure

FinishTime have always prided ourselves on providing the latest in cutting-edge sports timing technology. We use the latest innovations, combined with the very best in race timing software, to ensure the quickest and most accurate results possible, as well as providing a host of optional extras to ensure race organisers and participants have the best possible experience at events.

And FinishTime has just developed and added another valuable piece to the race-timing puzzle which makes participation a little easier, and makes participants and organisers just that bit safer in the current Covid-19 world.

During lockdown our developers were hard at work developing the FinishTime Passport app to make registration fast, safe, simple and secure.

Quality hardware and software has always enabled FinishTIme to provide live timing and accurate results on demand to organisers and competitors, while a variety of optional extras add to the experience and efficiency of everybody involved in an event.

The app (which can be downloading from the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store or via direct download for Huawei owners) creates an up-to-date, fast and paperless registration process for events which opt to use the app in conjunction with the FinishTime administration and timing system.

Why is this important?

A paperless process means you and the event organiser is safer and the event is Covid compliant. No more sharing of pens or touching paper that 50 other people have touched when you fill in forms at registration.

The simple-to-use app makes the registration process so much quicker, particularly while government-regulated Covid regulations are in place. And of course fast means shorter queues and less social-distancing problems.

The app has been designed to be completely secure. Firstly, no data will be transferred to an event until you create a QR code, and the information transferred is only those details you are opting to provide to the race organisers. And secondly, the transfer process is handled completely offline, so there is absolutely no chance of a data hack during transfer (once the app has been loaded to your phone, the transfer does not even need a phone signal or WiFi – the transfer of information is handled via a line-of-sight QR-code scanner).

How to use the FinishTime Passport app:

  1. Download the app from Apple App Store for iPhones, Google Play Store for Android-based phones or Huawei phones must use this  direct download .
  2. Click “Info” and fill in your information (you can store the info for up to five people on one phone) – at this point the data is only stored on your phone.
  3. Select the correct person to register for the event (the person selected here will be the person who is registering for the event – each person must register separately)
  4. Click “Races” to select the event you want to register for.
  5. Click “QR Code”and answer any race-specific questions (in most cases this can only be done just before race registration to ensure race-specific data is up to date).
  6. A QR code will be generated on your phone, check the name of the race and the person named above the QR code is correct.
  7. Show the QR code on your phone to the scanner at registration. Information is only transferred to the event once your QR code is scanned.
  8. Follow any other race registration procedures.

The next two major events which are due to use the FinishTime Passport are the People’s Triathlon in Port Elizabeth and the Capital K Open Water Swim at Midmar Dam. For Capital K swimmers, the app will also be used to ensure quick, Covid-compliant access to the dam precinct.

More event information, an updated events calendar and links to results can all be found at