Maselspoort Resort & Conference Centre

Maselspoort, situated just outside Bloemfontein, is described as a fisherman’s paradise, and in the words of one of our race timers, Maselspoort Resort & Conference Centre is just paradise! Visitors who head to Maselspoort Resort in the summer months (and who aren’t too busy timing a race) can make the most of a cold water pool and super tubes. All year round, there’s mini golf, angling, volleyball and trampolines to be enjoyed, as well as the opportunity to go on a game drive or spent time exploring one of the resort’s walking trails.

There can be few better places to be during Bloemfontein’s hot summer months.

The accommodation on offer at Maselspoort Resort are extremely varied, and aim to cater for groups of any size and configuration. From air-conditioned two-bedroom chalets to units that sleep up to six adults and four children, there’s a perfect option for everyone. Couples also have the option of choosing to stay in a thatched roof rondawel.

Friendly staff and a peaceful environment are always two of the factors which make Team #FinishTime love the places they stay at, and both of these were found in abundance at Maselspoort. We will definitely be back next time there’s a race to be timed in the Bloemfontein area!