The free Inselelo Rainbow Challenge was launched recently with the simple aim of making it easy for everyone to get active and healthy, with the added benefit that it will help stave off some of the lockdown boredom.

The free challenge currently involves either running or cycling (an exercise event will be added in the next few days) and has been created so participants can take part during lockdown without breaking any of the rules presently in place.

But how can you build your rainbow with the Inselelo Rainbow Challenge?

1)        Enter

First thing to do is to enter. It is free and you just need to go to and fill in your details. Within a few minutes you should be listed as a competitor on the results page (see below). If you have a Webtickets profile the process will be quicker but the sign up is simple, quick and free.

Entry is free to all events, but when entering, participants have an option to donate to Gift of the Givers who will pass on the donation to support medical and emergency personnel fighting the Covid-19 disease. Barring bank charges incurred for the donation, 100% of the money collected will be handed over to Gift of the Givers.

2)        Compete:

Next, you go and complete one of the challenges (see distance tables below).

Runners and cyclists have a choice of distances (or time) they need to complete and you can do it anyway you want: Running (or cycling) around your garden, backwards and forwards on your apartment balcony, on a treadmill or rollers, or even jogging on the spot if you do not have enough space or equipment.

If you cannot measure your distance, then take your time for whatever distance you are aiming for (in other words, time yourself after one kilometre for the Red running race, or three kilometres for the Red cycling), or take your time at three kilometres for the Orange running. If you cannot measure a distance (running on the spot for example) then jogging for eight minutes qualifies you to have completed one kilometre (15 minutes on rollers equals five kilometres on a bike for this) and submit a time of eight minutes (or 15 minutes for Red cyclists — see chart below).

You are allowed to add up your times over more than one session or more than one day. So you can run 400 metres today and 600m tomorrow and add up the two times and then submit the total for one kilometre of running.

This is not a competition, so if you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

The following are the running distances and comparable times:
Red: 1km – 8mins
Orange: 3km – 24mins
Yellow: 5km – 40mins
Green: 10km – 1hr 20mins
Blue: 10km – 2hr 00mins
Indigo: 21km – 2hr 48mins
Violet: 42km – 5hr 36mins

The following are the cycling distances and comparable times:
Red: 5km – 15mins
Orange: 10km – 30mins
Yellow: 20km – 1hr
Green: 30km – 1hr 30mins
Blue: 50km – 2hr 30mins
Indigo: 65km – 3hr 15mins
Violet: 100km – 5hrs

3)        Submit your results:

Go to and select either the Inselelo Rainbow Challenge Running or Inselelo Rainbow Challenge Cycling event and then search for your name (search is on the top right of the screen) and click on the Submit Time button next to your name and the distance you want to submit a time for.

If you have a Strava, Garmin or other link for a recorded time you can enter that in the Map Link field and your time will be uploaded for that distance (please note: a map showing your run may also be uploaded which could pinpoint your address).

You can update your time if you improve it for any one distance.

The aim is to progress through seven levels of the rainbow from Red to Violet to complete the entire Rainbow Challenge, but you can choose just to do whatever levels you want.

Rankings are available after each completed level and certificates will soon be available to download with your name and time for each level and for the completed Rainbow Challenge.

Work out with your family, or virtually challenge friends, families, work colleagues, clubs or anyone, anywhere, and any time, but remember to have fun and please obey all the lockdown rules.

And finally, please ensure you are fit enough to take part. We understand people are bored and desperate for some challenges, but please do not take part if you have been advised by a medical professional not to. This is meant to be fun, so please do not push yourself too hard. Don’t attempt the 42km run if you have not run more than 5km since high school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I enter?
    Go to and fill in your details. Within a few minutes you should be listed as a competitor on the results page
  2. If I have entered once, how do I go about entering for multiple races in the challenge?
    You do not need to. Once you have entered the running or cycling event you are entered in all th running or cycling distances resepctively. If you have entered for the running and also want to do the cycling, you do however also have to enter the cycling event via Webtickets.
  3. Why do I need to enter at all?
    So we have your details for the certificates and so you can see who you are beating on the leaderboard.
  4. I entered via the WebTickets website.  Do I need to re-register on yours?
    No, but you will need to enter your date of birth to verify you are entering your time.
  5. How can I see if I am entered into your data?
    If you go to and click on your event (cycling or running) and you can search for your name (top, left corner of your screen). It may take a few minutes to transfer your entry to the results site.
  6. Do I need to run each event or can I just select those I prefer?
    We hope you complete all seven legs and create your own rainbow, but you can just do any event you want.
  7. Can I log my Strava for a distance I have run since the beginning of the lockdown?
    Yes, there is a Map Link field for you to input your Strava link for a run or cycle you have completed.
  8. Can I overwrite my Strava link with a better time?
  9. Can anyone view my strava?
    Yes, on the Strava, Garmin and any other map-your-run type page. You will have to make it public for other people to see it. 
  10. What do I do if I have trouble logging in or registering?
    Please send a mail to
  11. How do I remove my information from your site if I choose to do that?
    No you cannot, you can send us a mail to delete your name from the results site
  12. Will you provide some sort of analytics between the participants on the respective distances?
    We are providing minimum analytics based on a trust and respect basis (we trust the information provided is true).
    At this stage under the “Details tab” on our results site, we are recording:
    a) the number of participants in the event;
    b) their genders;
    c) the number of participants in each category;
    d) the number of finishers per category and;
    e) the fastest, slowest and average times per category.
  13. How will I know how I am faring against some of the competitors in the data?
    See where you are on the leaderboard.