Hat-trick for Totalsports Women’s Races

For the first time since the inception of the Totalsports Women’s Races in 2001, South Africa’s largest Women’s Day Celebration will be hosted on one day across South Africa’s three major cities. The event will all take place in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town on National Women’s Day, Friday, August 9.

The Totalsports Women’s Races proudly support PinkDrive, a non-profit Company (NPC) that is committed to improving breast cancer awareness, education and providing and offering free services to the medically uninsured across South Africa. PinkDrive will be at all three of the Totalsports Women’s Race in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering free clinical breast examinations and educating runners and spectators on the importance of self- breast examinations.  

“We love this race in Durban,” says Janice Benecke, PinkDrive KZN Administrator.  “Even the men get dressed up (in pink) and join in on the fun. 

“Being the official charity of this event means the world to us.  Each year the runners always give good feedback on the actual race.  They love it and let us know that they cannot wait for the next year.  It’s always nice to know that all the hard work that goes into arranging this event is appreciated.  It really is special seeing a “sea of pink” take to the streets of our lovely cities. 

“PinkDrive will have a Shop4Cancer at registration and on event day, so runners and walkers can #PimpThemselvesPink.   We will also be doing clinical breast examinations on race day.”

According to Fébé Meyer, PinkDrive Marketing Manager, the Totalsports Women’s Race is a highlight on PinkDrive’s yearly events calendar. 

“The significance of hosting this event on Women’s Day adds so much more meaning to this event,” says Meyer.  “This is a day where women (and men) and families can unite and commemorate not only National Women’s Day, but also think of those on their journey with breast cancer.

“The funds received enable us to keep our existing fleet on the road, while delivering our free cancer screening services to the medically uninsured people of South Africa. We are very excited that Joburg, Durban and Cape Town will take to the streets on the same day to participate in this phenomenal event.”

“The Totalsports Women’s Race is extremely well organised,” says Tenielle October, PinkDrive Cape Town Administrator. 

“It’s the perfect opportunity for women to unite, celebrate the beauty of being a woman and celebrate life.  As a beneficiary we are empowered to reach more women, raise awareness and offer our free cancer screening services to women who are not medically insured.  We are looking forward to the excitement, the atmosphere and the live entertainment.  But more so we are looking forward to meeting new people and hearing their stories.”

For more information or to enter the Totalsports Women’s Race:
click here for Johannesburg,
click here for Durban or
click here for Cape Town.