Harburg Retreat Centre

If you’re looking for a spot to go and get some peace and quiet, Team #FinishTime would argue that one of the best places that could be is Harburg Retreat Centre. As the name implies, this spot is about taking a step back from the stresses of everyday life and enjoying some quiet, relaxing time.

Surrounded by beautiful forests, sugarcane plantations and breathtaking views of the Valley of 1000 Hills, the Centre offers a wide array of accommodation options, ranging from dormitories to en-suite rooms, complete with a small kitchen for self-catering purposes.

The beds are comfortable and the rooms had everything required for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Those who head to the centre for work rather than pleasure, can make the most of their peaceful surroundings and the retreat’s facilities, which include a sports field, swimming pool and access to tennis courts, as well as land that’s ideal for mountain biking. There are also opportunities to go fishing or even to hike to a waterfall.

The laid-back vibe and chilled ambience of the retreat centre was the perfect antidote to the stress of race day for our race-timers, who unanimously agreed that they would be keen to go back to the Harburg Retreat Centre – either for work or a relaxing weekend away.