2019 Comrades Qualifying criteria

May 2, 2019. That is a red-letter day for all Comrades hopefuls who have entered the 2019 Comrades but still need to submit their qualifying time to the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA).

May 2 is the deadline to submit qualifying times, so there are only five weeks remaining to get a qualifying run in for those hopefuls who still have not finished at least a standard marathon since August 26. Below is a list of most of the remaining races where athletes can run a qualifying time.

9The following is the rules pertaining to qualifying as laid out on the CMA website:

  • All qualifying races must be ASA technically compliant and meet the Comrades Marathon qualifying criteria (see list of events below).
  • Entrants must submit their provincially approved club name, license number and qualifying race details by no later than 2 May 2019. This can be done either by email, contacting the CMA office, updating details online or by instructing a club administrator to do so for you.
  • Qualifying details will NOT be accepted at Race Registration.
  • Failure to meet the qualifying criteria will result in a runner’s entry being rejected.
  • No seeding upgrades will be accepted after 2 May 2019, and none at Race Registration. If runners do not submit a qualifying event they will not be able to participate and their details will be removed from the CMA database, which means that runners will NOT receive a goodie bag or a runners’ t-shirt.
  • A qualifying race must be completed between 26 August 2018 and 2 May 2019 and the details submitted / updated to the organisers.

NOTE: The CMA will verify qualification and license details with club representatives.

Comrades Qualifiers

Date Event Prov Dist
30-Mar-19 African Wildlife Artistry Bruintjieshoogte Marathon EP 50
30-Mar-19 Mall of the North Marathon Lim 42,2
30-Mar-19 Gert Sibande District Marathon Mpl 42,2
31-Mar-19 Real Gijimas Ultra Marathon Bdr 50
31-Mar-19 Jackie Gibson Marathon CG 42,2
31-Mar-19 Tronox uMhlathuze Marathon KZN 42,2
06-Apr-19 Potato Pride Wilge Marathon FS 42,2
06-Apr-19 Arthur Creswell Memorial Ultra Marathon KZN 52
07-Apr-19 JointEze Irene Ultra Marathon GN 48
07-Apr-19 Durban City Marathon KZN 42,2
13-Apr-19 Forever Resorts Loskop Ultra Marathon Mpl 50
14-Apr-19 Rising Sun Chatsworth Freedom Ultra Marathon KZN 52
20-Apr-19 Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon WP 56
27-Apr-19 Phokwane Marathon GW 42,2
27-Apr-19 Selati Pongola Sugar Cane Marathon KZN 42,2
28-Apr-19 Robor Scaffolding Ultra & Marathon CG 50
28-Apr-19 Hibiscus Marathon Challenge KZN 48
01-May-19 MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon GN 42,2

Qualifying Table

Distance Qualifying time
42.2 km 04:49:59
48 – 50 km 05:49:59
52 – 54 km 06:24:59
56 km 06:44:59
60 km 07:19:59
64 km 07:54:59
68 km 08:29:59
80 km 10:24:59
90 km 11:59:59
100 km 13:29:59



All Comrades runners will be seeded according to their qualifying times. All those Comrades entrants who have improved their qualifying times after entering may upgrade their seeding by entering the race name and their finishing time into their registration details on the Comrades Marathon website. Entrants without access to the internet can contact the CMA and supply their qualifying details to upgrade their seeding.

All qualifying details will be checked and signed off by your club administrator.

No upgrade of seeding will be permitted after 2 May 2019.

The full seeding table can be found here.