Casabella Guest House

When spending a weekend in East London to time a race, our team had the privilege of staying at Casabella Guest House. Over and above the convenience of being situated within walking distance of the East London beachfront and close to the East London Golf Club and various shopping areas, we found hospitality and personal service second to none.

Casabella Guest House offers 11 standard and executive suites with en-suite bathrooms and a great coffee station – which is a must if you’ve got as early as a start as our race timers typically do on race day. Our team mentioned that the beds were extremely comfortable and the rooms are air conditioned to ensure year-round comfort.

Team #FinishTime found the rooms at Casabella Guest House comfortable and tastefully decorated.

Over and above business trips, our team mentioned that Casabella would be a perfect spot for a family holiday or special occasion celebration. The friendly ambience, welcoming staff and pretty surroundings are conducive to any occasion. Breakfast is included for all guests, which was much appreciated by our team and the stunning pool area provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself while taking in the Instagram-worthy views of the golf course.

We’d like to thank the Casabella Guest House team for making our stay so comfortable. We’ll definitely be back next time we’re in East London.