KZN Athletics Events

This is to certify that I have used FinishTime as registration and results management company on my events for more than four years and they have been providing world class services, which starts from marketing using their reliable database, bib numbers, IT, splits, back-up video and photos, and also provide a platform where athletes can print their certificates of participation– just to mention a few of their services.

What I enjoy most with FinishTime is the Attitude of their management. They are so friendly, flexible to work with anybody, and they can work under extreme pressure.

I will recommend them to take for any size of event to provide these professional services.

Celi Makhoba deals with the following events:

  • Mathews Meyiwa  – 1000 participants
  • Zululand Ultra Marathon – 1500 participants
  • Umtshezi Wembezi Marathon – 1500 participants
  • Archie Gumede Marathon  –  1000 participants
  • Ulundi Marathon – 1000 participants
  • Nqutu Marathon – 1500 participants